Amputee football returns to Al Jazeera this Sunday

The Flying Stars documentary poster, playing on Al Jazeera, June 24

The Flying Stars returns to Al Jazeera this  Sunday, June 24, 22:30 GMT (6:30 pm, EST). If you can’t enough African soccer in the World Cup, check out some amazing amputee football from Sierra Leone.

In Ontario, The Flying Stars plays on Rogers channel 176, but check here to find your local channel.

Pictured above is Bornor Kargbo, who leads The Flying Stars football club. All his players survived Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war of the 90s when they were amputated by rebel soldiers or stepped on enemy landmines. Today, they play soccer to battle the trauma they still endure.

Bornor was a soldier in the army, fighting rebels who attacked Sierra Leone from 1991-2002. He defied skeptics by competing on several soccer pitches around the world...

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In memoriam: Bob Crowe of Bamboo Shoots

We, The Flying Stars documentary team, are saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Bob Crowe. Bob was a producer at Bamboo Shoots, a film and TV production company in Saskatchewan, and a few years ago he reached out to us after we submitted an application to one of his company’s funds. We didn’t win this particular competition, but Bob was impressed enough with our film that he picked up the phone and offered to help hand.

It’s tough making any movie, particularly a documentary, so that gesture meant a lot to us. Bob was patient and understanding and reliable. He helped many filmmakers besides us fulfill their visions. That’s something special in this world.

The Flying Stars team, Allan Tong and Ngardy Conteh George express our deep condolences to Bob’s family.

To read more about Bob, ...

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Freetown vs. Bo Flying Stars rematch on Disability Day

The Flying Stars amputee soccer team posing on Aberdeen Beach in Freetown

The Freetown and Bo region Flying Stars teams will square off to celebrate the UN's Disability Day on December 3. It's a rematch of the game captured in the documentary.  “This football match is to showcase how peaceful and united we are,” adds the Freetown club's manager, Mohamed “Census” Jalloh who appears in the film. “We want to preach peace.”

Sierra Leonean carved wooden masks on sale to support the amputees

Supporters around the world can help the teams cover the costs of their transport to the soccer pitch and the rental fee of that field. You can safely donate here either by giving directly to the team or buying authentic Sierra Leonean wood carvings (above) and portraits of the team by associate producer and New York photographer Fiona Aboud and the film's photographer, Johnny Vong. Similar items were sold at our fundraiser in May 201...

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The woman who brought amputee soccer to Sierra Leone

Dee Malchow, Seattle-area retired nurse and amputee, who introduced amputee soccer to Sierra Leone's amputees

The Flying Stars profiles two founding members of Freetown, Sierra Leone’s amputee soccer/football team . They are their teammates created the first team at the end of that country’s civil war, but where did Bornor and Census hear about amputee soccer?

Remember that football (“soccer” to North Americans) rules Sierra Leone (and most of the world). Every child plays it. Adults devoutly follow U.K. Premier League games beamed from satellite TV. They wear the jerseys of their favourite players, like Canadians adorn the uniforms of hockey stars. But in early 2001, the civil war in Sierra Leone was completing a full, weary decade and amputees like Bornor and Census had gathered from around the country at a refugee camp in the capital of Freetown, overflowing with refugees.

One day in early 20...

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The Flying Stars premieres on new U.S. streaming service Kweli

Amputee Bornor from The Flying Stars documentary premieres on kweli TV streaming service

Americans can now see The Flying Stars as it premieres on kweli TV. This is the full 65-minute version running on this new streaming service offering the best in global black filmmaking. Even better, anyone in the States can try a free preview of kweli TV for seven days. Click here to view!

In this theatrical cut, first seen at the world premiere at the 2014 Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), team captain Bornor (pictured in red above) of The Flying Stars amputee football club of Freetown, Sierra Leone is profiled along with his teammate, Census. As they pass and score on the soccer pitch, both Bornor and Census struggle to feed their families and come to grips with the post-traumatic stress they suffered from the decade-long civil war...

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The Flying Stars returns to Documentary Channel tonight

back of Census, player on The Flying Stars amputee football club watching practice in Freetown, Sierra Leone

We’re back! The Flying Stars are back on TVs across Canada tonight on Documentary Channel at 10 pm EST (then 1 am and  5 am)! Tune in, if you missed us the first time around. Check your local cable provider for the channel.

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The Flying Stars premieres on Canadian TV March 6

The Flying Stars documentary graphic featuring player Bornor, premiering on Documentary Channel

The Flying Stars leap out of Canadian TVs! Join us for this premiere on Monday, March 6 at 7:00 pm, free to all on CBC’s Documentary Channel. Check your local listings for the channel number (i.e. 325).

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The Flying Stars make African debut in Ghana

poster of 2016 Black Star International Film Festival of Ghana where The Flying Stars screens

The Flying Stars will make its African premiere at the Black Star International Film Festival in Accra, Ghana on August 25The Flying Stars plays on the opening day of Black Star, at 6:30 pm at James Town (Brazil House).

Filmmakers Allan and Ngardy are excited that their film is reaching Africa. Ghana lies near Sierra Leone, just east and also nestled against the Atlantic Ocean. The amputees in The Flying Stars have often played fellow amputees in Ghana in tournaments.

The Bo regional amputee soccer team in practice.

The Bo regional amputee soccer team in practice. (Photo: Johnny Vong)

Captain of The Flying Stars Bornor cooking for his children at home in Freetown.

Captain of The Flying Stars, Bornor, cooking for his children (photo: Johnny Vong)



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The Flying Stars dazzle Oakville

theatre poster of The Flying Stars film before screening at Willson Oakville Film Festival

The Flying Stars returned to the Toronto area Sunday afternoon with a screening at the Willson Oakville Film Festival. Co-director, Allan Tong, presented the film to a near-capacity cinema, which boasted a gorgeous two-storey-high screen and a rich sound system. The Flying Stars was paired with another documentary about sport and disability, 8% No Limit.

Co-director Allan Tong doing Q&A after Willson Oakville Film Festival screening

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The audience asked Allan perceptive questions such as, “Who started amputee soccer? and “Has the film helped the team find sponsors?” The answers, respectively, are retired American nurse Dee Malchow, herself an amputee who did volunteer work ...

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Meet the Makers: Oakville film fest talks to Flying Stars directors

“There are themes of family and the need for family and belonging. These men are not always considered as being part of the community.”

Read more at this interview of directors, Allan Tong and Ngardy Conteh George, by the Willson Oakville Film Festival, where The Flying Stars screens on June 26.

page capture of Willson Oakvile Film Festival interview with the filmmakers of The Flying Stars documentary

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