<strong>Salone Flying Stars</strong>


Members of the Salone Flying Stars Amputee Football Club are featured in our film. They are comprised of men and women who lost their limbs due to the terrible civil war that tore through Sierra Leone. Through football they have found a way to not only play competitively throughout Sierra Leone and Africa, but to build a community of like minded souls who find hope and strength in this game. (You can donate directly to the players at




Currently the Flying Stars Amputee Football Club is looking to raise funds for equipment to furnish their office and to create income generating businesses for their players and families.



Also, used items such as crutches, computers/tablets, printers, sewing machines and office furniture are welcome. Please contact club President, Mohamed Lappia at: for more details about sending items.

You can also financially support the soccer players and their families here:


Also featured in our film is a match against the Bo amputee football team. Based in the southern region of Sierra Leone, this team are former national champions. They are currently looking for donations to assist with their agriculture business.


From Mohammed Berri, team manager:

“As u can see from the pics we have started planting.

IMG_9893 1 IMG_9892 IMG_9891 1

We are in need of food for work, some equipment, and at times we pay able people to assist us in order to speed up the work, we are planting about 40 bushels of groundnut.

As for football, we only have constrain with transportation, as showing in the picture, that is the way we take transport. Le4000 to the field and Le 4000 back.”

IMG_9890 1

You can financially support the soccer players of both teams and their families here: