Host a screening


Private groups can host their own screening of The Flying Stars at a:

  • theatre
  • community centre
  • school campus

This film addresses these themes that your group can discuss:

  • PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder afflicting civilians and soldiers in war-torn countries. This film profiles former soldier, Bornor, and teammate Census who was a child during Sierra Leone’s civil war.
  • Disabilities: Amputees and others with physical disabilities achieving and innovating. A group of Sierra Leone’s amputees formed their own amputee soccer league and have been competing internationally.
  • Africa: Conditions in postwar Sierra Leone, which is recovering from a bloody civil war in the 90s.
  • Football/soccer: the role of sport in healing physical and psychological trauma, as seen in players Bornor and Census.

To book a screening anywhere in the world, please contact our sales agent: Mr. Gorka Gallier of Doc & Film International at