The Flying Stars premieres on new U.S. streaming service Kweli

Amputee Bornor from The Flying Stars documentary premieres on kweli TV streaming service

Americans can now see The Flying Stars as it premieres on kweli TV. This is the full 65-minute version running on this new streaming service offering the best in global black filmmaking. Even better, anyone in the States can try a free preview of kweli TV for seven days. Click here to view!

In this theatrical cut, first seen at the world premiere at the 2014 Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), team captain Bornor (pictured in red above) of The Flying Stars amputee football club of Freetown, Sierra Leone is profiled along with his teammate, Census. As they pass and score on the soccer pitch, both Bornor and Census struggle to feed their families and come to grips with the post-traumatic stress they suffered from the decade-long civil war. That brutal conflict claimed 50,000 lives and left unknown thousands of children amputated, mostly by other children brainwashed by the rebel army.

Bornor was a soldier in the Sierra Leonean army fighting the rebels, while Census was a child who fled his village after the rebels invaded. Bornor and Census banded together with amputees in a refugee camp in the dying days of the Sierra Leone civil war which ran from 1991-2002. An American missionary introduced the game of amputee soccer (“football” in Sierra Leone), which inspired the amputees to create a team. The team was intended to show their countrymen that amputees could be proud and strong in a country which scorns people with disabilities. The amputees were also a reminder of the war that Sierra Leoneans wanted to forget.

The premiere of The Flying Stars on kweli TV brings the story of Census and Bornor to American screens after appearing on screens, big and small around the world, from Japan to the Middle East. Tune in and watch their story.